The Cloud Difference

Why Cloud Photography is the best choice for senior pictures in Grand Rapids MI.

We know how important your senior pictures are. After all…you’ll only be a senior…ONCE! That’s why Cloud is your best choice for senior pictures in Grand Rapids MI

We’re sure you won’t settle for anything less than the best. We offer everything you need to get great looking senior portraits. Senior poses for you, as well as senior poses for your parents, and family.

We help every step of the way.

If you’re like everyone else you probably have no clue on how to prepare for a Senior portrait photo shoot, unless you’re a professional model.

When you call and schedule your senior portrait photo shoot with Cloud, we’ll also schedule a brief consultation for you to come in and meet with us. We’ll chat about your upcoming session, share some idea’s, and explain how the senior portrait photo shoot works. We’ll go over idea’s on what to wear and give you a Guide to Great Looking Senior Portraits too. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect. No anxiety…just fun.

Not sure how to pose to get the best natural look?

Not to worry, because we do. The wrong pose can make you look a size larger,
but the right pose can make you look a size smaller.

We’ll show you how to do every pose, then have you try it. It’s fun.
You’ll never hear us say, “hey, go stand over by that tree”.
Plus, leaving this up to us takes all the anxiety out of what to do for your senior portrait poses.
If you are concerned about any part of you, just let us know…we’ll take care of it.

Lighting. It makes all the difference in the world!

Lighting is what it’s all about. The camera actually has nothing to do with it. So thinking someone with a nice camera can make great looking senior portraits, you may want to rethink that. Cameras are merely recording devices that capture what we do with our lighting.

Other photographers may say they use natural light only.

REALITY CHECK: 98% of the time outdoor ambient light is not enough.

At Cloud we use light barriers and powerful strobe lights to make sure your portraits look great and natural. It’s why a Cloud senior portrait looks so 3D with wonderful color.

Get Pampered. Get a Great Look.

Want a great look? We offer a makeup service for all you gals.

It’s important to note that our makeup artist uses Photography/Theatre specific makeup. Some makeup will make you appear orange…ours will give you a fabulous natural look in the camera straight away. Plus…it’s fun!

Normally priced at $115
Cloud Seniors get this for only $95.

Senior picture make up grand rapids

The Finishing Touches…never overdone.

Your Senior Pictures should look like…well, they should look like you.

Because of our corrective lighting techniques there is little need for extensive photoshopping.
As we are photographers, as opposed to ‘photoshop-ographers’, we make sure you look real.

You’ll always look like the real you. The finishing is always just right.

Grand Rapids Senior Picture comparison

Your Senior Portraits Are A Big Deal…you want them to last!

Not all prints are created equally. One-hour labs often use cheaper chemistry
to keep their price down and heat up the chemistry so they develop faster.
Nobody tells you this can shorten the life of your senior photos do they?

At Cloud, we use one of the highest quality senior portrait pro labs in the country.
We have them print on archival paper and coat them with a UV inhibitor
which acts like a sunscreen on your prints.

They last longer-like 50 years or more. That’s a far cry from the
10 years or less you’ll get with prints from other places.

Senior Portrait Pricing

We’ve been told that we’re the best…but that doesn’t mean we’re the most expensive. If you compare what we charge our prices are competitive with other real, full time, full service, studios. If you love all your senior photos (and you will at Cloud), you will most likely buy all of your senior poses.

At Cloud we have options to fit most budgets. From $550 to as much as you want to spend. If you have a smaller budget you may simply want to choose a smaller senior portrait photo shoot. You’ll still have great looking images, you just won’t have as many to choose from and be in a position of wanting them all. In case you do want to buy them all, (many do) we can spread the payments for your senior pictures out to make it doable for you.

We have ala carte pricing, and, better yet, Create-A-Collection pricing where you design a package to fit your own unique senior picture needs. You’re never stuck with something in a predetermined package that you don’t want.

Our Guarantee

At Cloud it is our goal to make each and every client happy with the images we’ve created for them. Rest assured that we back up it up with the best guarantee available. Senior pictures you aren’t happy with are worthless. Senior pictures you love are priceless…and that is what we want for you.

Though it rarely happens, if you’re not pleased with your images when you first see them, we’ll make more for you at no additional charge. It’s just that simple.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Cloud’s very special approach to senior portraits. When you call for your appointment, mention SPECIAL #73 and you will get an additional $10 Off any one photo shoot. This offer will end without notice, so be sure to call us at 616-956-0500 today!

Great Photo Shoot Options. Check it out.

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